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Classic mode icon.png 经典
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AI 类型史莱姆皇后 AI
最大生命值18000 / 28800 / 36720
Hallowed slimes consolidated into a haughty, crushing force adorned in dazzling crystals. She is rumored to grow wings.


史莱姆皇后 是一个困难模式早期的神圣主题Boss,是史莱姆王困难模式中的对应物。她是一个巨大的戴着王冠的紫罗兰色史莱姆,体内有用于召唤她的明胶水晶的放大版本。 对战史莱姆皇后完全是可选的,并非游戏进程所需,不过打败她可能会回报给玩家有用的物品。






  • 在原地停留几秒,然后以极快的速度跳向玩家并造成高伤害。
  • 在原地停留几秒,然后向不同方向发射6个碰撞后碎裂的水晶射弹Regal Gel.png。有时这一攻击动作会进行复数次。


  • 她会从十个方向连续高频发射Regal Gel.png Regal Gel
  • 偶尔会尝试飞到玩家的正上方然后径直落到玩家身上。




  • Palladium armor can be useful due to Rapid Healing buff it provides.
  • Queen Slime herself has a relatively simple attack pattern with easy-to-dodge attacks. The biggest threat comes from the minions she spawns, which can fill the screen with projectiles and quickly overwhelm the player. Killing or avoiding these should be top priority.
  • A good strategy for defeating Queen Slime is to stay up in the air using wings or mounts during her first phase, as many of her attacks cannot reach you. During her second phase, it is best to stay closer to the ground while occasionally luring her back up, as you can avoid many of her projectiles and minions due to their slow and predictable movement patterns.
  • While the boss needs to be summoned in The Hallow, the fight can take place anywhere. This means you can go into a different biome once the fight starts and the fight will continue as normal.
  • In Master mode, The Black Spot mount allows you to hover over all attacks in the first phase. It also goes faster than Queen Slime in phase two. Be careful as this can despawn the boss.
  • It is highly recommended to fight Queen Slime in daylight, as at night her attacks may be hard to see.
  • Setting up a basic arena with platforms will make dodging attacks and defeating her much easier.
  • It is recommended to use Heart Lanterns and Campfires to increase Health regeneration rate by providing the Heart Lamp and Cozy Fire buffs respectively.
  • Sunflowers can also be useful, as they reduce enemy spawn rates by providing the Happy! buff and increase movement speed.
  • Remember to use the Sharpening Station, Ammo Box, Crystal Ball, and Bewitching Table prior to the battle.
  • If you have defeated at least one of the Mechanical bosses, it is recommended to search the Underground Jungle for Life Fruit to increase your maximum health.
  • Make use of banners to reduce the threat of other monsters during the battle.
  • Using the black spot mount and a coin gun with gold or platinum coins can kill queen slime extremely fast even in master mode
  • The Queen slime can be easily killed before killing any other Hardmode bosses, and even before smashing any Demon or Crimson Altars. The Crystal Assassin armor she it drops will be invaluable in killing the three Mechanical Bosses.
    • As with most bosses she is immune to lava, however her minions are not. An arena made of lava paired with Lava Waders or Terraspark Boots can make the fight a breeze not having to worry about the minions.
    • It is not advisable to have long connected stretches of platforms as you will have to deal with minions. Many disconnected platforms allow the minions to fall down away from the fight
    • Any pair of wings paired with flight boosting accessories and the Shield of Cthulhu (for the dash ability) makes dodging any and all of her attacks easy, but the minions can easily kill an ill-prepared player.
    • The Daedalus Stormbow paired with Holy Arrows and minions can take care of her summons.
  • When fighting her in higher difficuties, NEVER stay directly above multiple Crystal Slimes. Their spikes can kill you in seconds.


  • 史莱姆皇后本身的攻击方式简单而易于躲避。更大的威胁来自于她生成的水晶史莱姆,它们的大量射弹可能使人疲于应对。因此,应该注意清理这些小型敌怪。
  • 尽管史莱姆皇后只能在神圣之地召唤,战斗地点并没有这样的限制。这意味着你可以前往其他群系,战斗并不会受到影响。


  • 史莱姆皇后的AI完全由开发者Grox the Great编写,但她的视觉效果由Yoraiz0r完成。
  • 史莱姆皇后是五个拥有独立音乐的Boss之一,其它四个分别是光之女皇世纪之花猪龙鱼公爵月亮领主
  • 史莱姆皇后的纪念章中有一个被史莱姆覆盖的羽毛的图案,这和史莱姆王纪念章中被史莱姆覆盖的剑的图案很相似。
  • 史莱姆皇后是1.4.0.1版本添加的两个新Boss之一,另一个Boss是光之女皇
  • 史莱姆皇后的多数掉落物是史莱姆王所掉落的升级版。
  • 史莱姆皇后貌似是大号神圣风格的粉史莱姆
    • 因为她的射弹是粉色凝胶风格的,同时她的跳跃动画看上去就是在弹跳。